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We were fortunate enough to have Ms. Rosie 'Prater' Stowell as our children's first teacher.  Both parents and students alike were given care and understanding, something that you don't find in many teachers.  We're confident that the warm supportive, nurturing and loving environment typical of Ms. Stowell's class succeeded in gifting to both of our children a lifelong love of learning and scholarship.  Ms. Stowell is truly a very gifted educator as well as a beautiful human being.  We are very excited for Rosie in her new endeavor and know with certainty that there is no better person to look after young minds and understand the challenges of working parents.

-Kim and Wayne Winch




Rosie 'Prater' Stowell is one of the most creative and dedicated pre-school teachers I have ever known.Mrs. Prater taught both of my children in pre-school, and I was very pleased with everything they accomplished in her class.My oldest son is a very creative person, and while in Mrs. Praterís class, he was able to explore this side of his self more.When my youngest son was in Mrs. Praterís class, I was worried that she might have some troubles with him because he was very strong minded. However, Mrs. Prater has such wonderful techniques when it comes to child behavior that my son was always re-directed towards a positive behavior.Both of my children could not have had a better teacher than Mrs. Prater.She prepared them for kindergarten not only academically, but socially as well. Mrs. Prater is such a wonderful teacher and parent-friendly person.Children feel comfortable with her; they get to explore things about earth, family, friendship, and many other subjects.I recommend Mrs. Prater very highly to any parent.


-Ali Harlin




Both of my children are former pre-school students of Rosie 'Prater' Stowellís.  Rosie is extremely knowledgeable on the curriculum for young children and makes their growing and learning experience fun and exciting.  More importantly, she is loving and kind, she is understanding and always patient.  As a parent, I feel blessed that she was a part of my childrenís young lives. 


-Silvina Mcgary




I met Rosie 'Prater' Stowell when I started a new job at a local preschool here in Oxnard.Rosie had been working there for many years.We became friends on a personal level, and she was also my sonís preschool teacher.Rosie helped him learn and loved him like one of her own.She respects otherís opinions as well as their individual beliefs.I feel she will be a great childcare provider, and you will love her.


-Shila Varela